ANOTHER 3-Win Weekend For Odyssey: Odyssey Works #7 on Web, Versa #7 on Euro Tour & Damascus Grand #9 on Japanese Tour
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Odyssey Month Kicks Off With Huge Putter Count Win

By Staff


We’ve kicked off Odyssey Month with a bang on Tour, where Versa is leading the way in Odyssey’s dominant performance on the putter count. At this week’s Stadion Classic at UGA, Versa is the #1 putter model in play (21 total) and Odyssey is the #1 putter in the field.

To put that into perspective, Versa would have been third in the putter count ON ITS OWN against all the putter brands. Kudos to our Tour Rep Mike Soroka for all the work he’s been doing, just look at these numbers!

This is a great start to our big month, and of course we’ve got a lot of buzz going on the PGA Tour with our Odyssey Staff Bags and Drain patches. This week at the Wells Fargo Championship, all of our PGA Tour staffers are using the Odyssey Staff Bag, and they’ll continue to use it through the end of May.

And every time one of our staffers drains a 10+ foot putt, they’ll get a Drain patch to put on their bag. Look for all the patches on TV as our guys roll in putts!

This is all awesome news for Odyssey Month, and we’re ready to get into “Office Putt of the Month” and “When Odyssey Wins, You Win” contests on the @OdysseyGolf Twitter page.

For more on Odyssey Month, please visit our new home page.