2016 June Major Mallet Headcovers

For the second major of the year, our Limited Edition Odyssey Headcovers pay tribute to the host city of Pittsburgh, and its championship teams.

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  • The same colors are used paying tribute to the sports teams of Pittsburgh
  • The Stripes are a nod to the throwback jerseys of the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the #16 indicating the year 2016
  • The patches used for #16 are fashioned after the player numbers on the Steelers throwback jerseys as well
  • The yellow flag with the Odyssey Swirl pays tribute to the "Terrible Towel" (the towel waved by fans at Steelers Games)
  • The font used for the word Odyssey is a nod to the font used in the words "Terrible Towel" printed on the towels



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