Toulon Design Small Batch SSM Proto Putter


The Small Batch SSM proto combines modern material science with an obsessive eye for every detail. The result is a piece that will add timeless beauty to any collection.


Features & Benefits

The SSM Proto

The Toulon Design SSM Proto is our first edition of Toulon Garage Small Batch offerings. Small Batch is a limited edition putter program aimed at perfecting timeless putter designs in a modern, beautiful, and sophisticated fashion. The SSM Proto is our take on one of the most famous putters of all-time and is appropriately named SSM, the initials of original designer’s hometown.

Double sided Deep Diamond Milling

SSM Proto is the first Toulon Design putter to ever have our Deep Diamond Milling on both sides of the face. The right-handed side features the Odyssey Swirl logo while the left-handed side features the Toulon Design logo, both in red and white paintfill.

Tour Satin Finish

Our stunning Tour Satin silver finish is one hundred percent derived from Tour feedback. It is both flawlessly beautiful and functionally designed to reduce sun glare.

Black Shaft, Red Grip

A black stainless steel shaft and red Lamkin Deep Etch grip elegantly complement the aesthetic of the putter head.

Small Runs

The Small Batch concept will be to offer small runs of unique pieces periodically. The number of pieces in each Small Batch may vary. The initial SSM Proto Small Batch run is offered in our Tour Satin finish with only ten pieces being released at this time.